MOW Scheduler FAQs :: General

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Q: Are there any "Help" instructions in the system?

  • If you see this icon in the system, click on the icon for more help on how to use a feature.
  • If you see this icon in the system, mouse-over the icon for more info on what a label or field means.
  • Many links in the system also have a "tooltip" that displays useful info when you mouse over the link.

Q: What's the difference between a Job and a Position?

A Job has one or more Positions. The main difference between multiple Jobs vs multiple Positions in the same Job is in how they're displayed – each Job gets its own row on the weekly schedule, while all Positions for a Job are shown together in the same “slot”.

Q: What does it mean when a shift is "Closed"?

Closing the shift means signing off on the volunteer hours actually worked (and miles driven, when applicable). The volunteers don't get “credit” for their hours/miles until the shift is closed.

Q: A local company wants to sign up to supply a volunteer to fill the same shift every week, but they might send different people. How should I set that up in the system?

We'd recommend that you define a Company record, e.g. “ACME, Inc”, and add the point person at ACME as a Contact. then define a “role” Contact under the company, e.g. with first name “ACME - driver” and use this contact for the ongoing assignment. On the schedule it will show that ACME has committed to fill the shift even though you might not know yet which person they'll send.

Q: I'd like to be able to see which slots on the schedule are filled by trainees. How can I do that?

Define a “Trainee” tag under the Admin/Lists/Tags section and give it a “display color” (let's say purple). Add the “Trainee” tag to the applicable volunteers' Contact profiles. Now you'll see the purple tag next to that person's name any time they appear on the schedule. When the training is complete, remove the tag from the Contact profile.

Q: I have multiple "shifts" for similar jobs on the same day, but with different start times. How do I handle this?

Add them as different positions for the same job, for example "front desk 8-12" and "front desk 12-4" under the job "Reception", from the Jobs/Jobs Settings menu.

Q: How can I export a list of volunteers?

On the menu go to contacts/volunteers and find the "export to spreadsheet" link on the upper right hand side, wait for the message of "download export here" to show up at the top, and click on that.

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