Understanding Job Setttings

Understanding Job Settings

A place to view and manage ongoing or recurring job shifts. Manage hours/miles for each job shift(Ex: Route 6 wednesday).


Grouping and re-grouping your routes

Grouping and re-grouping your jobs

Learn about grouping your jobs and how to re-group then or move them around.


Adjusting miles and hours of routes

Adjusting miles and hours of routes

Learn how to change the hours for a job and have them pre-populated into future shifts.


Q: What's the difference between a Job and a Position?

A Job has one or more Positions. The main difference between multiple Jobs vs multiple Positions in the same Job is in how they're displayed – each Job gets its own row on the weekly schedule, while all Positions for a Job are shown together in the same “slot”.

Q: What does it mean when a shift is "Closed"?

Closing the shift means signing off on the volunteer hours actually worked (and miles driven, when applicable). The volunteers don't get “credit” for their hours/miles until the shift is closed.

Q: Which jobs are displayed on the Help Wanted page?

Jobs that are for public viewing only (this is set at the job profile) and job shifts that have at least 1 minimum required worker set (this is set at the Job Settings page) and not fulfilled by a worker.

Q: How do I add an internal or private job thats is not displayed on "Help Wanted Public Page" for volunteers to see?

When creating the new job or editing an existing job, change the option to 'private' under 'Visibility'. This will hide this job from public viewing.