Getting Started :: What to Expect

Getting a system up and running for you is a collaborative process, between you and your support staff at MOW Scheduler.

The process generally looks like this:

Step 1: YOU Gather data

Volunteer contact info is the main task.

Step 2: WE Set up your new system

Put the data you gathered in it and walk you through the system and hand you the key.

Step 3: YOU Put in schedules of “regulars”

“Regulars” are those volunteers whom you count on to come on a schedule to drive certain routes.

Step 4: YOU Get comfortable and test drive, go live!

Kick the tires; get to know the tools used day-to-day, give volunteers heads up, off you go!

We will provide support whenever you need it, be a phone call or email away.

Estimated time table:
Two to four weeks from start to go-live is fairly realistic. Having volunteer data readily accessible in digital/spreadsheet form generally makes the process simpler and shorter.