Scheduler Terminology

Job Shift
This term is used 2 different ways; One way is describing a specific job and date, or "slot", ( Ex: Job Shift: Wed, 28 March 2018 - Route 6), and another way is describing a recurring job (Ex. Job Shift: Route 6 Wednesdays).
One-time Assignment
One-time assignments (pickups) are shifts that needed to be filled, usually due to time off or cancellation of the volunteer that normally works the shift. One-time Assignments are highlighted in green on schedules.
Ongoing Assignment
An ongoing assignment is when a volunteer commits to a job on a ongoing or recurring basis. For example every Wednesday (highlighted in blue) or the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month (highlighted in purple) a volunteer performs a job.
Cancel Assignment
You have a choice to record or not record a canceled assignment. You might not want to record a cancel because of administrative reasons such as shuffling around assignments and you don't want it to show up on any calendars or reports. Your options to record are; No show (this usually recorded when a volunteer did not show up for their job), Late cancel (this is recorded when a volunteer canceled less than a day before their job), and Early Cancel (this is recorded when the volunteer canceled more than a day before the job).
Closed Shift
A Closed shift means a coordinator signed off on the volunteer hours actually worked (and miles driven, when applicable). The volunteers don't get “credit” for their hours/miles until the shift is closed.
Shifts that are missing required assignments/workers. Each job position has required minumum workers. Example I need 1 driver on Tuesdays for Route 5.
A submission by a volunteer of the shift signup form from the the Help Wanted page.
Daily Shift Reminder
Reminder sent by email and/or SMS text on days when a volunteer has an upcoming shift.
Setting a Reminder
A reminder is a way to notify a user about something either by email notification or on their dashboard. For example if you are making this contact inactive because of an injury, set a reminder for yourself to call them in a month to check in.
Contact Relationship
Is a way to link to contacts in the system. Add a person's emergency contact, husband, friend, and any other connection.
Adding a note
You can add a note or attachment to a contact or job. Some examples are picture of drivers license, volunteer application, and route sheets.
Delete Contact
Use delete contact when the contact was created by mistake, or if the contact will no longer be associated with the organization (death, moved away permanently, ....). Deleting a contact automatically removes his/her future commitments.
Deactivate Contact
Use deactivate contact(or making a contact "inactive") to put a volunteer on an indefinite leave of absence (injury, chronic disease, personal life change,...). You are not ready to delete the contact yet because a return is still possible, or because you plan continued communication for reasons other than volunteer work. De-activating a person automatically removes his/her future commitments and makes them ineligible to be assigned any new volunteer jobs going forward. If the contact has a user account this will be locked.
Time off
Use time-off to put a volunteer on a leave of absence. The leave can be, say, a week, a month, or a a whole winter. Commitments of the person are automatically cancelled, or put on hold (and later automatically restored, as in the case of an ongoing assignment only) during the time-off period. If the person has time off it makes them ineligible to be assigned any new volunteer jobs for that day. Any shifts assigned to this contact for the selected date or range of dates will be canceled.