MOW Scheduler Tutorials :: Help Wanted Public Page

Help Wanted (Available Shifts) Public Page Overview

The "Help Wanted" page is a public (no log in required) web page your volunteers may visit to view and sign up for slots that are open (don't yet have minimum required number of volunteers) in the upcoming days and weeks.

Where is this?

The link is https://<yoursite>

How to Set Up the Help Wanted Page

Before you share the Help Wanted page URL with your volunteers, you should do a small amount of setup.

  • Message: Go to "Manage Public Page Content" page on the menu under Admin → Public Page Content and set up the message you want your volunteers to see.
  • Go to the "Our Organization" page on the menu under Admin → Our Organization and set up these values:
    • Main Volunteer Coordinator Email: This is the email volunteers may use to contact you about a specific job they want to sign up for. Note that this address is displayed on the public Help Wanted page, and is also the email address that receives system-generated notifications from MOW Scheduler about shift signups, replies to SMS text Reminders, etc.
    • Main Volunteer Coordinator Phone: This is the number volunteers may use to call you, and is displayed on the public Help Wanted page.

I have jobs that I don't want shown to the public

When creating the new job or editing an existing job, change the option to 'private' under 'Visibility'. This will hide this job from public viewing.

How can I send out the "Help Wanted Public Page" that lists open routes and jobs to our volunteers?

There are a couple different ways our customers usually handle that:
  • Post the link below to your website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Send an email containing the link to volunteers. View tutorial here for sending a mass email out to all my volunteers.

Who is notified about a shift signups?

  • Under Admin & Setup → Our Organization, the email address provided in the field "Main Volunteer Coordinator" will receive an email notification with the offer.
  • All shift signups or "offers" can be viewed/approved/dismissed in the system under "Offers Inbox". View a tutorial here.

Save your coordinator time by allowing your volunteers to sign up for available one-time shifts.

Step by Step Screenshots

Click on the icon by the shift you wish to volunteer. Fill out the form and a notification will be sent to the volunteer coordinator.