System Administration

How to add a new user account

Add User Account

How to add a new user account (new log-in)


Understanding Admin Subscriptions

Understanding Admin Subscriptions

Admin Subscriptions are email notifications sent to users in the system.


Managing Scheduled Reminders

Managing scheduled reminders

Send scheduled reminders by email or text to a group of volunteers to remind them of their upcoming job assignments!


Q: What are tags?

Tags are like keywords that may be attached to different “objects” (contacts, companies, jobs) in the system. Tags provide a lot of flexibility in organizing your "stuff" using the attributes that are important to your unique situation. Tags are like checkboxes, an object either has a tag or it doesn't. Tags provide a simpler and more flexible alternative to the “user defined fields” used in some systems, and there's no limit to the number of tags in your system. Examples of contact taqs: "student", "retired", "east side", "trainer", "substitute", etc.

Q: How do I add more contact tags?

Under Admin→List/Tags. Click on the contact tags link. Add the new tag. Now you can add these tags to each volunteer!

Q: What is the Meals pick up feature?

This feature allows you to log when the meals have been picked up for a route on the daily schedule.

Under Admin & Setup → Site Preferences, to turn the feature on/off.

Q: Where is the Cancellation link in reminders being set?

Volunteers can follow a "Cancellation Link" in an email or text reminder, to cancel their own shift. When the link is turned off, the reminders will simply ask them to contact you if they are unable to make the scheduled shift.

Under Admin & Setup → Site Preferences, to turn the feature on/off.

Q: Can I change the content on the help wanted page?

Here you can provide a more personal message to your volunteers.

You can make changes under Admin & Setup → Help Wanted Public Page Content.