Canceling a workday

Canceling a workday

Bad weather and you need to cancel the day. Learn how to cancel a work day and notify your volunteers.


Sending a mass email out to all my volunteers

Sending a mass email out to all my volunteers

Learn how to gather all my volunteers emails and send them a message from my email client.


Sending a mass email out to all my volunteers

Using contact tags for volunteers

Learn how to use tags to group or categorize your contacts. Tag them as a subsitute or a college student.


Q: How will lost/forgotten passwords be handled?

  1. They can click on "forgotten password" at the log-in page http://<yoursite>.mowscheduler.com/ and follow instructions to reset their password. The process is automatic.
  2. They can also ask you to reset it for them. To reset password for a volunteer, go to the volunteer's contact page, click on the contact's user name and then on the “User Account" page click "send forgot password email".

Q: Can I “screen” job opening sign-ups for certain volunteers?

Yes. Just go to the volunteer's contact profile and uncheck the box for "Auto-Approve Eligible" in edit mode. Any signup request by that volunteer will then be placed in the "Offer Inbox" for your manual approval.

View the offers inbox tutorial

Q: Is the Auto-Approve feature only for Volunteer Portal users?

No. The auto approved feature can be utilized for all volunteers. When a volunteer signs up for a shift from your Help Wanted page, if they choose the option to not sign in and provide an valid email address, they can be automatically approved if the volunteer's "Auto-Approve Eligible" field is enabled. See the tutorial on "Setting a volunteer to be automatically approved for shift sign-ups ("offers")".

Q: Can the volunteers view my shift notes?

No. The My Assignments page in the volunteer portal does not display and shift, canceled, or time off notes to the worker (volunteer).

Q: Are there any "Help" instructions in the system?

  • If you see this icon in the system, click on the icon for more help on how to use a feature.
  • If you see this icon in the system, mouse-over the icon for more info on what a label or field means.
  • Many links in the system also have a "tooltip" that displays useful info when you mouse over the link.

Q: What does it mean when a shift is "Closed"?

Closing the shift means signing off on the volunteer hours actually worked (and miles driven, when applicable). The volunteers don't get “credit” for their hours/miles until the shift is closed.

Q: A local company wants to sign up to supply a volunteer to fill the same shift every week, but they might send different people. How should I set that up in the system?

We'd recommend that you define a Company record, e.g. “ACME, Inc”, and add the point person at ACME as a Contact. then define a “role” Contact under the company, e.g. with first name “ACME - driver” and use this contact for the ongoing assignment. On the schedule it will show that ACME has committed to fill the shift even though you might not know yet which person they'll send.

Q: I'd like to be able to see which slots on the schedule are filled by trainees. How can I do that?

Define a “Trainee” tag under the Admin/Lists/Tags section and give it a “display color” (let's say purple). Add the “Trainee” tag to the applicable volunteers' Contact profiles. Now you'll see the purple tag next to that person's name any time they appear on the schedule. When the training is complete, remove the tag from the Contact profile.

Q: How can I export a list of volunteers?

On the menu go to contacts/volunteers and find the "export to spreadsheet" link on the upper right hand side, wait for the message of "download export here" to show up at the top, and click on that.

Q: A volunteer is going to be out of town for several weeks, what's the best way to cancel all their shifts?

Use the “time off” feature under the Job Schedule section on the right side of the Contact detail page

Q: I want to send out an email to all volunteers, how do I get their emails easily?

You can get all the emails from the Contacts→View Volunteers page. Use the filters to narrow down the volunteers you want to email, and then on the right-hand side click on the "Copy emails to clipboard" link. "Select All", then right-click "Copy" (or ctrl-C) to copy the list to your clipboard, then paste it into your favorite email program. A common tactic is to specify only your own address on the To: line, and paste the recipient list into the Bcc: line so that the recipients can not see the entire distribution list. You must specify at least one recipient on the To: line.

Read this tutorial for more help.

Q: How can I get a list of volunteers who started volunteering in 2016?

Under Contacts→View Volunteers, click on the "More Filters" button. Choose "Service Date" from "Date Options" drop-down, and enter the range of dates.

Q: What are tags?

Tags are like keywords that may be attached to different “objects” (contacts, companies, jobs) in the system. Tags provide a lot of flexibility in organizing your "stuff" using the attributes that are important to your unique situation. Tags are like checkboxes, an object either has a tag or it doesn't. Tags provide a simpler and more flexible alternative to the “user defined fields” used in some systems, and there's no limit to the number of tags in your system. Examples of contact taqs: "student", "retired", "east side", "trainer", "substitute", etc.

Q: How do I add more contact tags?

Under Admin→List/Tags. Click on the contact tags link. Add the new tag. Now you can add these tags to each volunteer!

Q: I'm only interested in the status of the kitchen jobs. Can I "hide" the delivery route jobs somehow?

Yes, the Jobs are organized into Job Groups (for example: Delivery, Kitchen, Office Work, Site 1, Site 2). Under the My Account section you may specify which Job Groups you're personally interested in. Once you set this preference, only those Jobs will show up by default on the Daily and Weekly schedules (although the schedule screens also allow you to select which Job Groups are viewed)

Q: Which jobs are displayed on the Help Wanted page?

Jobs that are for public viewing only (this is set at the job profile) and job shifts that have at least 1 minimum required worker set (this is set at the Job Settings page) and not fulfilled by a worker.

Q: How do I let my volunteers know about the Help Wanted page?

There are a couple different ways our customers are handling that right now:

  1. Post the link below to your website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  2. Send an email containing the link to volunteers. View tutorial here for sending a mass email out to all my volunteers.
The link is https://<yoursite>.mowscheduler.com/helpwanted

Q: Who is notified about a shift signup or "offer"?

Under Admin & Setup → Our Company, the email address provided in the field "Main Volunteer Coordinator" will receive an email notification with the offer. Also you can view the sign ups on the "Offers Inbox" page. View a tutorial here.

Q: Who is notified when contact us form is submitted?

Under Admin & Setup → Our Company, the email address provided in the field "Main Volunteer Coordinator" will receive an email notification with the submitted form contents.