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The MOW Scheduler Online Help Desk

Please use our Help Desk system to report problems, ask questions, and make suggestions.

The advantages to using the Help Desk system include:
  • Each issue/question/problem is assigned a "support ticket" number that makes it easy to reference the issue and keep all notes and correspondence about the issue in one place
  • Everyone on our staff has access to your complete support history
  • Multiple users at your organization can all have access to ticket status
  • Automatic status updates by email
  • Registration for the Help Desk is automatic for all MOW Scheduler users, no separate account username or password are needed
  • The Help Desk is continually monitored, even when your regular contact is out sick or on vacation, so your issues won't fall through the cracks

To use the Help Desk, log in to your MOW Scheduler account and choose Help from the main menu. You'll see the Help Desk button that will automatically sign you into your Help Desk account on using the info from your Scheduler account.

Direct Contact Info

We strongly recommend using the Help Desk, but if for some reason you can't access the Help Desk through your MOW Scheduler account, you may reach us directly:

(315) 234-0079 x345

You can reach the Purplewire / support team during business hours (Eastern US time)

Follow us on Twitter for announcements of new features, etc. @MOWscheduler