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The site contains helpful hints and ideas on how to make the best use of MOW Scheduler. There are different ways of finding what you need:

Browse: Choose one of the general subject areas of interest in the menu items at the top of this page (Volunteers, Scheduling, Notifications,....) and browse through materials related to that area.

  • The help materials in each area are presented in two types of format: tutorials and FAQs. Look for them in the two "tabs" of each area.
  • You can often find the same tutorial or FAQ in two or more subject areas. Just choose the area you think most closely fits what you're looking for.

Search: Type a word or phrase in the search box that's at the right hand side of the grey "navigation bar" on every page of this help site and look for the return(s) that addresses the question/interest you have.

The Help site is periodically updated as MOW Scheduler evolves and grows to meet the needs of the user community. Another place to find out about the latest product/feature updates is the "What's New" section of your MOW Scheduler application (under the Help and Support menu).