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You may want to review our glossary of MOW Scheduler Terminology
The Help site is periodically updated as MOW Scheduler evolves and grows to meet the needs of the user community. Another place to find out about the latest product/feature updates is the "What's New" page in the MOW Scheduler application -- look for the icon on the main navbar when there are new entries.
The main sections of this Help Site, as listed on the navigation bar above:


Describes features for managing your volunteer roster, including:
  • find volunteers that match various criteria, including both "standard" fields, and your own custom "tags"
  • review history of a specific volunteer
  • recruit new volunteers via standard or custom Volunteer Application form
Browse the Volunteers section.

Volunteer Portal

Self-service features your volunteers can use:
  • Self-service user account registration
  • Help Wanted page
  • One-click sign-up for available shifts
  • View upcoming commitments and past activities
  • Update their contact info and perferences
Browse the Volunteer Portal section.


Info on features for managing your job schedule, such as:
  • multiple views of your job schedule status including daily and weekly calendars and monthly calendars for specific jobs, people, and organizations
  • add or cancel one-time ongoing/recurring volunteer assignments
  • approve (manually or automatically) volunteer signups for shifts
  • view job shift activity for specific jobs or volunteers
Browse the Scheduling section.


Content that doesn't quite fit anywhere else, including:
  • instructions on how to add the MOW Scheduler icon to mobile home screen
  • guide to Help and Info icons that offer context-specific hints in the Scheduler application
Browse the Misc section.

System Admin

Describes features for configuring the Scheduler system to match your organization's operations, including:
  • defining and organizing your Jobs (delivery routes, etc.)
  • user administration for staff and volunteer system users
  • a "Getting Started" guide
  • configuration of system options such as timing of shift reminders and which staff members should be notified of various system activity
  • review system activity and volunteer performance

Note: Some system admin features are available only to staff users who have the System Administrator user type.

Browse the System Admin section.

Contact Us

Find out how to reach us or report an issue:
  • using the online Help Desk
  • by phone or email
Browse the Contact Us section.