System Administration

How to add a new user account

Add User Account

How to add a new user account (new log-in)


Understanding Admin Subscriptions

Understanding Admin Subscriptions

Admin Subscriptions are email notifications sent to users in the system.


Managing Scheduled Reminders

Managing scheduled reminders

Send scheduled reminders by email or text to a group of volunteers to remind them of their upcoming job assignments!


Understanding Job Setttings

Understanding Job Settings

View and manage the information related to ongoing or recurring job shifts (example: Route 6 on Wednesdays).


Grouping and re-grouping your routes

Grouping and Regrouping your Jobs

Learn about grouping your jobs and how to regroup them or move them around.


Adjusting miles and hours of routes

Adjusting Miles and Hours Credits for Routes

Manage the hours/miles to be credited to volunteers for future job shifts performed.


Managing contact subscriptions

Managing contact subscriptions

Easily View and manage who is subscribed to a scheduled reminders.


Using SMS reminders

Using SMS reminders

Learn how to send and manage SMS reminders


Job and Shift Attachments

Job and Shift Attachments

Attach text notes, PDFs, image files, etc. to Jobs or Shifts.


Attachment Access Controls

Understanding Job Attachment Access Levels

Ensure that important details about Jobs, Shifts, and Events are displayed to the right people.


Q: How do I add more Contact Tags?

You can add and edit tags under System Admin ⚙ > List/Tags. If you give the new tag a display color, it will be displayed along with each tagged Contact's name on the daily and weekly schedules. You may add the new tag to any volunteer or staff member from the contact profile.

Q: What is the "Meals Pickup" feature?

This feature allows you to log when the meals for a Route have been picked up for delivery.

Turn this optional feature on/off from the System Admin ⚙ > Site Preferences menu. Then as each volunteer arrives and picks up their load of meals, check them off in the Daily Schedule.

Q: Where can I set up the Cancel link in the reminder messages the volunteers receive?

The confirmation and reminder emails contain a link to "view shift details or cancel". After clicking the link, they'll see instructions on what to do if they need to cancel, but the exact options available to them depends on the site configuration. If the optional Volunteer Self-Cancel feature is enabled, they'll be able to cancel online and asked to provide a reason. If the feature is disabled, or if it's configured to allow only "early" cancellations and the cutoff time has passed, the volunteer will be instructed to call the Volunteer Coordinator phone number to cancel.

You can configure this feature and the early/late cancellation cutoff time under System Admin ⚙ > Configuration and Setup > Optional Site Features menu.

Q: Can I change the content on the Help Wanted page?

Yes, you can change the message shown in the box below the "Your Organization :: Help Wanted" title. Use the editor found under System Admin ⚙ >Help Wanted Page Content. The editor gives you some control over the formatting of your message using the "markdown" language, let us know if you need a hand with that. Note that images are not currently supported.

Q: What does it mean when a shift is "Closed"?

Closing the shift means signing off on the volunteer hours actually worked (and miles driven, when applicable). The volunteers don't get “credit” for their hours/miles until the shift is closed.

Q: I have some jobs that aren't open to all volunteers so I don't want them on the Help Wanted page. How can I do this?

Set the Visibility to Private under the Job profile.

Also note that if you set the minimum required workers to zero for all positions and all shifts, the job won't be shown on the public Help Wanted. Some of our customers use this fact to define jobs that are usually hidden, you can set the default worker requirements to zero and raise them only on specific days that you want help.

Q: What are notifications?

Notifications are messages sent by email or text message, notifying a contact of a schedule change or other type of event within the system. There a 3 categories of notifications; Reminders, Confirmations/Alerts, and Account & System User notifications.

  • Reminder notifications are emails/text messages sent to volunteers/staff about their upcoming shift(s). They're usually sent automatically to all volunteers who are "subscribed" to receive reminders, but a system user can also trigger a notification to a specific volunteer manually from the Job Shift details page.
  • Confirmation/Alert notifications are emails sent to a Contact about a schedule change or confirmation of a job shift that affects them directly. These are triggered by changes made by a system user, or automatically in the case of an auto-approved shift signup.
  • Account & System User notifications are emails sent to system users regarding events that happened in the system, such as a shift signup or cancellation, or a Contact Us form submission. Some of these notifications can be subscribed to by multiple system users in the System Admin > Admin Notification Settings section.

Q: Not all my volunteers are receiving shift reminders. Why not?

A volunteer (or staff member) will receive a shift reminder by email (and/or SMS) if ALL the following are true:

  • one of the scheduled shift reminders is enabled in the Admin > Site Preferences area
  • the contact has an email address (and/or mobile phone number) in their contact profile
  • the contact is “subscribed” to email (and/or SMS) shift reminders in their contact profile

Q: A volunteer reports that they are not getting their email reminders, even though they are "subscribed"

Below are some of the most common reasons your volunteer might not be receiving the notification:

  • First, be patient; sometimes it takes a few minutes for the email to arrive to the volunteer.
  • Have them check their junk/spam email box; the notification might have been filtered as junk/spam.
  • Check with your volunteer that the email address in your system is spelled correctly. It might be an old email address, or they may have multiple emails and they are checking the wrong one.

Q: Who is notified when the Contact Us form is submitted?

The people subscribed to the "General Inquiry" activity under System Admin > Admin Notification Subscriptions will be notified and receive the Contact Us form contents by email.

If no one is subscribed, the Volunteer Coordinator email address specified in the Our Company section will receive the notification.

Q: Can we integrate the volunteer application form on our website with our MOW Scheduler database?

Yes. You can either POST the form contents directly to us, or you can forward the application data from your server to us via a webhook. These options are described in our Volunteer Application Advanced Integration guide

If you don't already have a volunteer application form on your website, you can link to the simple one provided with your MOW Scheduler application. Read our Volunteer Application tutorial

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Q: Should I add more Jobs, or more Positions?

A Job has one or more Positions. The main difference between multiple Jobs vs multiple Positions within the same Job is in how they're displayed – each Job gets its own row on the weekly schedule, while all Positions for a Job are shown together in the same “slot”.

When dealing with delivery routes, if a route is driven in one session, it should probably be considered one job -- even if you need multiple people for the delivery (for example, a driver plus an additional server or helper). For kitchen or other non-delivery tasks, it's up to you whether you want, for example, "food prep" and "packing" to be listed as separate jobs or as positions within a more general "kitchen work" job.

Q: Is it possible to sync my MOW Scheduler contact data with our external database?

Probably... we offer a simple REST style API that can be used to get Contact and Company data from MOW Scheduler in a computer-readable JSON format, or to create or update Contact or Company records from an external program. See our REST API Guide for more info. We also have spreadsheet (.xls format) import and export functions.

Q: My volunteer says they're not getting reminder texts. What should I do?

Check things in this order:

  • Is anyone getting SMS reminders? If not, make sure the notifications are enabled under Admin > Site Preferences
  • Is there a mobile phone number listed in the volunteer's Contact Profile?
  • is the Daily SMS Reminder enabled in the shift reminder subscriptions section of their Contact Profile?
  • Did they actually have an assignment on the date in question?
  • Check the SMS Text Log (at the bottom of the System Admin menu) for any relevant entries
  • Check the Scheduled Reminders Log - were they on the list of recipients?

Note: Only contacts with an email will receive notifications.

Email Confirmations/Alerts (one recipient and manually triggered by system user)

Assignment Cancellation Confirmation
An email notification sent to the volunteer/staff that their job shift has been canceled. The notification is optional, and may be chosen by a staff user when canceling an assignment.
Ongoing Assignment Confirmation
An email notification sent to the volunteer/staff confirming that they are now committed to a job on a ongoing basis. The confirmation is optional, and may be chosen by staff user when assigning a volunteer/staff an ongoing assignment shift.
Pickup Assignment Confirmation
An email notification sent to the volunteer/staff confirming that they are now committed to a job shift. The confirmation is optional, and may be chosen by a staff user when assigning a volunteer/staff a job shift.
Volunteer Pickup Dismissal
An email notification sent to the volunteer when they signed up for a shift but weren't selected. The confirmation is optional, and may be chosen by staff when making an dismissing.

Account & System User Email Notifications (notifications sent to system users)

Contact Us Form Submission
Sent to staff when a contact us form entry is submitted.
Email Verification Request
Sent to user when their email address requires validation. User simply clicks link in email complete verification process.
Forgot Password
An email notification sent to user with a link to update password.
Shift Canceled by Volunteer
Sent to staff when a volunteer (or staff worker) cancels their own shift from Scheduler system
Volunteer Signed Up for Job
Sent to staff when a volunteer signs up for an available job.
Welcome New User
Sent to user after they're invited or self-sign up for an account. Includes a link to complete their account setup.

System Integration

The MOW Scheduler currently has some basic methods for integrating with external systems, and we have plans to add more in the near future.

Volunteer Application Form - Advanced Integration Alternatives

In addition to the simple Volunteer Application form included in the MOW Scheduler system, we offer multiple integration options to customers who would like to integrate an application form on their own public website with the MOW Scheduler system, including a simple HTTP POST to our server, and a server-to-server "webhook" API.

For more information, view the Volunteer Application Advanced Integration overview.

Spreadsheet Import/Exports

For easy sharing of data with other systems, we offer several Excel (xls and xlsx) imports and exports, including:

Contact export
You can export complete contact records for any filtered subset of your contact database. Follow the Export link on the top right of any Contact (or Volunteer or Staff, etc.) search results screen in your MOW Scheduler application. Note that the exported results file includes many more fields that those shown on the interactive results web page.
Contact import
You can import Volunteer, Staff, or Volunteer Applicant Contacts from a spreadsheet. This import is quite flexible; all you need to do is set the header row to identify the corresponding MOW Scheduler Contact fields. The import includes several useful features:
  • Import Results Report - after the import, lists of created contacts organizations are available. Also shown are lists of rows that had data problems, with details for each issue.
  • Duplicate Prevention - if an imported contact exactly matches the first and last name of a contact in the database, a new contact will not be created.
  • Batch Delete - you can "undo" the entire import, fix any problems in the spreadsheet, and try again.
  • Example/Template Spreadsheet - to get started, you can use our template spreadsheet and edit as needed.
  • Flexible Format - the columns in your import spreadsheet can be in any order, and it's not necessary to remove extraneous columns, since columns without a value in the header row are ignored.
  • Organization Data - Any companies shown in the Organization column that don't match an organization in the database are created "on the fly". After the import, you can view a list of any organizations that were created (and delete them if desired).
  • Custom Data - Columns that contain useful data that doesn't really "fit" in any of our standard fields can be saved in the "Other Info" section of the imported Contact profile, by simply giving the spreadsheet column a non-standard name as a "label".
Get the list of standard fields, usage instructions, and the template spreadsheet from the System Admin > Import Contacts page in your MOW Scheduler system.


This API will allows real-time integration with other systems so that you can keep your MOW Scheduler database in sync with other systems. It will allow both sending and receiving changes to new and existing Contact and Organization records. Many other cloud-based systems have compatible APIs and can be integrated directly or through an integration/automation service such as Zapier.

Potential uses:

  • automatically add new Volunteers in Scheduler to your fundraising mailing list on Constant Contact or Mailchimp
  • automatically set up new Staff users in your organization's Slack account

For more information, view the MOWScheduler REST API Guide.

System Setup

Getting Started Guide
This guide shows you what to expect when setting up your MOW Scheduler system, including what we'll do for you, what data we need from you, and what you need to do yourself.
"Go Live" Checklist
Once you have your MOW Scheduler system configured and data loaded for your volunteers, staff, routes, and assignments, there are a few items you (and we!) need to take care of before you're ready for prime time. This checklist helps guide you through that final stage before going "live".