MOWScheduler REST Tools: Insomnia

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is REST API development tool available for Windows, MacOs, and Linux which allows developers to test out APIs without needing to write any code. It also generates sample code for consuming the API in many different programming languages and toolkits, making your development tasks much easier.

The MOWScheduler REST API Workspace

MOWScheduler provides an Insomnia workspace that has all the methods pre-defined. Just download the workspace, follow the setup recipe below, and you'll able to start exploring your MOWScheduler data in a few minutes.

Download MOWScheduler REST API Insomnia Workspace v1

Recipe: Setting Up the MOWScheduler Insomnia Workspace

  1. Download and install insomnia.
  2. Get a copy of the MOWScheduler REST API Workspace from the link above.
  3. Start up Insomnia. Click the triangle next to Insomnia in the blue box. Select Import/Export option.
  4. Click the Import Data button, then the From File option.
  5. Browse to find the workspace file from step 2. Insomnia will conform that you now have a MOW REST API workspace.
  6. Under the MOW REST API blue box, click where it says No Environment, then click Manage Environments.
  7. Copy the the base environment JSON shown on the right, we'll use that to make a new environment MOWScheduler install.
  8. Click the plus icon next to Sub Environments, and then click Environment.
  9. Rename this new environment by double clicking on New Environment on the right. Call it something like "My MOWScheduler Environment".
  10. Paste in the JSON from step 7. Change base_url and api_token to match your MOW install. Click Done when you're finished.
  11. Now you can play around with the provided methods for contacts and organizations.