MOW Scheduler Tutorials :: Adjusting miles and hours of routes

All routes change inevitably over time because meal clients come and go. Client movements can each cause an incremental change for the route involved, and as changes accumulate, sometimes more significant changes come with re-shuffling among multiple routes to re-balance workload as well as geographical distributions. As a result the mileage and time required for delivering each route will change and need to be adjusted to accurately credit the volunteers for the work do.

Good news is that making mileage and time adjustments of routes is very straightforward and easy.

  1. Go to “Job Settings” under “Jobs”, check the “routes only” box. And if you have routes separated into groups, choose the group of routes you are making adjustments to and wait for the search results to return.
  2. Choose the route whose mileage and hours need to be changed by clicking on the current miles and hours shown.
  3. Make changes to miles and hours in the “modal” that comes up, and check the box that lets you apply the same changes to all weekdays for that route (that’s usually the case but don’t do that if this is one of those routes whose stops can be significantly different on different days)
  4. 4. repeat 3 for another route that needs change

Annotated Screenshot

Adjusting miles and hours of routes