MOW Scheduler Tutorials :: Sending a mass email out to all my volunteers

Looking to let your volunteers know about an upcoming event, a new training program, or etc...

Here's some help for doing just that:

  1. Go to the “View Volunteers” page under “Contacts”, by default this only includes active volunteers. Make any adjustments you desire to narrow down your list.
  2. Once the list you want is returned, click “copy email to clipboard” at the top right of the list.
  3. Now the email list is on your PC's clipboard. Just paste it into your email program's "To" or "Bcc" line (Bcc is recommended, see below) and you're ready to send them a message!


We could possibly give you the ability to send mass email directly from the MOWscheduler system, but there are several reasons why we do it this way instead:
  • your email program has more flexbility for formatting, adding images, attachments, etc. than we could provide.
  • having complete control over the format and content of your email makes it more "personal", and your volunteers appreciate that.
  • replies and bounces can go directly to you.


Respect your volunteers' privacy
If you're sending to multiple volunteers, you should probably paste the mail list you got from MOWscheduler into the Bcc line in your mail system, and include only yourself on the To line. Doing it this way means your volunteers can't see each others addresses, and it also reduces the risk that a spammer might get hold of your whole email list!
Consider using a mass email provider
If your messages to your volunteers are frequent or regularly scheduled, you might want to consider using an email provider like Mail Chimp rather than your regular email program. These providers help you format your emails, track bounces, track unsubscribe requests, and get mail stats. If your emails contain links, they can track "click thrus". They work great with the MOWscheduler email lists, and they're cheap or free to use for non-profits sending relatively low volume.

Step by Step Screenshots