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Scheduled Reminders Overview

A scheduled reminder is an email or a text message that are sent automatically on a recurring schedule to remind volunteers of their upcoming job assignments. Scheduled reminders are one of several types of types of notifications/messages a volunteer may receive. Others include confirmation of either the assignment or cancellation of a particular job assignment, or instructions following the request for a new user account or a new password.

The Scheduled Reminders are different than other types of notifications in couple different respects
  • They are sent automatically on a recurring schedule
  • Most of them are sent only to “subscribers”, or those who choose to receive them, not those who “opt out”.

Two examples of Scheduled Reminders are the Daily Email Reminder which is sent the day before a job assignment and the Daily Text Reminder which can be sent either on the day of the job assignment, or the day before. They can be.

Managing Scheduled Reminders

The Scheduled Reminders can be used in different ways using the controls found in the “System Admin” section under "Site Preferences"
  • You can choose to send your volunteers any, all or none of three reminders by turning them on or off respectively
    • Daily Email Reminder (always sent a day before the assignment)
    • Daily Text Reminder (sent either on the day of assignment, or the day before)
    • Monthly Email Reminder (always sent on the 28th of each month)
  • You can choose whether to send the Daily Text Reminder the day of the assignment, or the day before
  • You can choose the time of day to send the Daily Email/Text Reminders, individually

Managing Which Individual Volunteers to Receive The Reminders

  1. You can check and uncheck the "Subscription" boxes of individual volunteers on the Reminder Subscriptions page under Contacts
  2. You can check and uncheck the same boxes on each individual's contact profile page

(The reminder will only be sent to those subscribers who actually have a valid email address or mobile phone number on file, for respective deliveries)

Manage subscriptions for the scheduled reminders

Annotated Screenshot

Managing Scheduled Reminders