MOW Scheduler Tutorials :: Using Contact Tags for Volunteers

Think of a contact tag as a keyword or term that helps describe a contact and lets you find that contact again by the description. Because tags can be created by the user (a colleague of yours who plays the role of MOWscheduler system administrator in this case), they can be used to categorize your volunteers in ways that work best for your organization.

How to find tags in the system, modify them, and create a new tag

Go to “Lists/Tags” under the Admin menu and choose tags for contacts, you will find any existing contact tags there and see how many contacts are tagged with each.

  1. You can modify the name of a tag. Just click on the tag and change it. All contacts tagged with the old tag name will now be tagged with the new.
  2. You can make any tag a “display tag”. A display tag helps make the contact stand out in job schedules/calendars. It will show up next to the name of the tagged contact with in a distinctive color you choose for it, and with a “tooltip” showing the tag’s name.
  3. You can also create a new tag for use by clicking “Add new”, or delete an old tag which you no longer wish to use and see, by clicking the “x” icon for the tag.

The MOWscheduler often come with a few useful tags such as “substitute”, ”college student”, and “corporate/group volunteer”. They can be modified or deleted also, as described above.

How to add tags to contacts

Tags can be added to contacts both during system setup, and continuously afterwards.

  1. Tags can be included in the contact import template we provide. It’s a good way to add tags to contacts in bulk. A contact can have one or more tags.
  2. Tags can be added to contacts in the system on an ongoing basis.
    1. Adding tags to one contact:
      click on a contact you see (or search for the contact first using the “contact search” box at the top-right of the menu bar) to get to the contact’s profile page where tags can be added or deleted.
    2. Adding/removing tags for several contacts at a time
      1. Choose a list of contact under “Contacts” (staff, volunteer, all)
      2. Narrow down the list if possible using the filters provided.
      3. Select the contacts you’d like to add a tag to or remove a tag from using the check boxes in the left column
      4. Click on the tag icon above the checkboxes to add/remove tags for the selected contacts

Using tags to help find the volunteers you’re looking for

  • From the volunteer list
    1. Go to “volunteers” under “contacts”
    2. Select a tag in the filter for tags and click search to find the group of volunteers that fits the selection
  • When you look to fill an calendar opening for a job
    1. In the “assignment modal” (the window that opens when you click “+” in the calendar next to a job), go to the “Advanced Search” tab
    2. Use the tags filter to help you find the pool you are looking for (for example, look for “substitutes”, or “college students”, etc)

Annotated Screenshot

Managing Contact Tags