MOW Scheduler Tutorials :: Understanding the Weekly Schedule Page

The Weekly Schedule is the "nerve center" of the Scheduler system. It gives you a clear view of where you stand and what jobs need to be filled in the current or upcoming week.

Features and Functions

  • See which shifts are short-handed (pink) for the week -- the pink background means that at least one position in the slot doesn't have the minimum required workers. Note that for non-delivery jobs you may require several people for the same postion, the slot remains pink until you have enough workers assigned.
  • See which slots would normally be filled by an ongoing assignment. The gold star lets you know that a slot is short-handed or has a one-time substitute (green assignment) because of a temporary situation (cancelation, vacation). If there's no gold star, you could probably use a new "regular" for that shift.
  • Quickly add or cancel assignments -- both one-time and ongoing.
  • The "add assignment" popup includes tools to search for appropriate workers for the position, for example a volunteer who has recently driven that route, or a volunteer who prefers to substitute on Thursdays.
  • View the contact email/phone number for current assignee by clicking on their name.
  • Cancel delivery for an entire day (snow day, holiday, etc.)
  • "Close" (sign off on) a shift, or all shifts for the day, to indicate that workers shown on the schedule should get credit for their hours and miles.

The annotated screenshot below shows where to find many of the features and functions of the Weekly Schedule

Annotated Screenshot

Understanding weekly schedule page