MOW Scheduler Tutorials :: Volunteer Self Service

There are several ways that Volunteers can help themselves in the MOW Scheduler system... and help you at the same time!

They can offer to help fill an opening through the "Public Help Wanted Page"

Volunteers can go to your "Public Help Wanted Page" to choose one of the open shifts to help you with.

They can log into their volunteer portal account to cancel a shift or sign up for a shift themselves

Find out more about this and other benefits of the Volunteer Portal.

They can cancel a shift through an email or text reminder

Volunteers can follow a "Cancellation Link" in an email or text reminder, to cancel their own shift. This link is only available if you have the "Cancellation link in reminders" feature turned on in the System Admin > Site Preferences section. Since the reminders are sent less than a day before the shift, these cancellations will be recorded as a "late cancel" in the shift and contact histories.

Managing Scheduled Reminders